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The development process includes work on the script, look-book and business plan.

Scripts are financed by individuals and companies who believe that there is a good chance to recoup investment. Attaching well known actors to a character driven script is the most important step toward financing and ultimately distributing your film. Is your script written from a perspective that will attract serious actors? Does the script reflect what a potential actor is looking for in a challenging role?

What is the look-book and how is this tool used to build buzz around your project? The creation of a powerful look-book is an essential part of the development process, because it often is the first attachment that a potential reader will open. If the look-book does not grab the potential reader, the script will probably not be read.


Who is your ideal actor for the project? Choosing the right lead actor is key toward the creation of a project that is worthy of investment. Who are the actors that are open to and looking for character driven films?


There are individuals, firms and funds that finance character driven films. How can the project be tweaked to best fit the ideal funding source?


The business plan is a presentation that is targeted toward the potential investor. The creation of the business plan involves legal language regarding solicitation of funds.
The business plan also defines the specific “marketing perspective” of your project. How is your project different from other similar past films? Why does the world need your film? What is the whole point of your film endeavor?

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