In Development

Written and Directed by award-winning Jake Mahaffy (of FREE IN DEED)

Starring Julia Ormond and Emma Draper

REUNION is a feature film about a pregnant woman who returns to her recently-deceased grandparents’ old family home to spend time with her estranged mother and recover from a difficult break-up.

Written and Directed by A.D. Calvo, a follow up to the Shudder-exlusive hit SWEET SWEET LONELY GIRL.

Starring Emily Meade, Dylan Gelula, Erin Wilhelmi, and Robert Longstreet.

HERE COMES THE NIGHT: an androgynous punk rocker battles her demons, while caring for a blind woman in a house full of monsters of its own. 

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Directed by Benjamin A. Eisner

Starring Guy Pearce, Hugo Weaving

Amid angst-ridden 1960s America, world-famous author and monk Thomas Merton meets aspiring feminist cartoonist Elizabeth, who propels Merton's monastic vows into question and sets her sights on New York City. 

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