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From script to screening room, Greyshack Production Services handles and facilitates the production of your film project, bringing development, production, post and distribution under one roof. Utilizing indie veteran Mike S. Ryan's decades of experience, GPS tailors its services to fit your project's needs. Providing incomparable support such as script feedback, casting expertise and festival strategy, GPS can fortify your film's success with critical insights, singular networks, and essential guidance. Offering a flexible pay structure, GPS can accommodate the requirements of your production for any time commitment at any budget.

BASIC - Development only

1 month consulting

This level includes:

-script and lookbook feedback

-market analysis 




INTERMEDIATE - Development through Production

2-3 months consulting

This level includes everything at the BASIC level, PLUS:

-production budgeting

-production scheduling

-locations selection and tax incentive strategy

-crew hiring guidance

-wardrobe, art and props feedback

-dailies monitoring for legal, clearances and budget issues

ADVANCED- Development through Post and Distribution

3-5 months consulting

This level includes everything at the INTERMEDIATE level, PLUS:

-overseeing of post-production workflow

-coordination with post crew, facilities and vendors

-organization of focus screenings, picture lock, sound mix, color correction

-festival submissions and premiere strategy

-distribution and publicity planning

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