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Hammer to Nail​​​

A website devoted to building a home for ambitious film. Featuring reviews and essays by Mike S. Ryan and others.

Mike S. Ryan’s (Very Biased) Favorite Low-Budget Indies Of The Decade

Variety Magazine
10 Producers to Watch: Mike S. Ryan


Talkhouse Magazine

The True Cost of Making Free In Deed

Filmmaker Magazine

The Low Down

Is Microbudget Production the Response to the Industry’s Devaluation of the Dramatic Feature Film?

The Feel-Bad Film

Happiness is Overrated: A New Book Examines the Arthouse Sub-genre, “the Feel-Bad Film”

Straight Talk
Mike S. Ryan challenges the current preoccupations of our independent film scene.

The Way It is Now

Producer Mike S. Ryan's notes on the current state of indie distribution.

TV is Not the New Film

Mike S. Ryan explains why cinema will survive, despite the recent explosion of quality long-form cable series. 


Lena Olin-starring A Posthumous Woman wraps production.

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